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Cormac entertains fellow musicians between shows at the GGG Festival

Cormac entertains fellow musicians and performers between shows at the Gotta Get Gone Music Festival. Photo, courtesy GGG. Additional photo credits this page: Banner at top of page, by permission, Mathew Muise.

Photo Gallery

Cormac McCarthy at the Kennebunk  Coffee House in Maine
Cormac at the coffee house in Kennebunk, ME

Cormac McCarthy in Mississippi
Cormac McCarthy arrives in warm Mississippi with New England snows still on his car bumper.

Cormac McCarthy with wife Sammie Haynes
Cormac and Sammie, back in the day.

Cormac McCarthy standing
Cormac takes a break during a photo shoot.

Audio Gallery

Lodge Hall Marigold Hall

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Click below for a 28 minute interview with Cormac in Northeast Iowa, interviewed by Adam Wiltgen.