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Music weaves special connections. Cormac McCarthy is married to Sammie Haynes Sammie continues to entertain adults, working with her band MAINESQUEEZE, but she focuses on children's entertainment and early development education. Recent CDs include I Grow With Yoga and two previous collections of children's songs, Nature's ABCs and Many Hands all of which are delightful CDs for children that won't drive parents crazy!

Sammie Haynes

Sammie Haynes

Sammie has released a CD with MAINESQUEEZE, a quirky Texas Swing, blues and shuffle band. The CD, Long Way Home, had been a long time coming but worth the wait for fans of MAINESQUEEZE.

Cormac and Sammie work together when they can on recordings or performing.

Seacoast Music Awards

Best Songwriter-
Seacoast Music Awards

From the Portsmouth Music Hall 1995: Chris Pearne presents the Best Songwriter award to Cormac McCarthy with Cormac's wife, Sammie Haynes, son Davis, and "Racoonie" accepting. Show produced and MC'd by Al 'Peach' Pechulis. Sound by ATS sound.

Seacoast Music Awards

Best Male Vocalist-
Seacoast Music Awards 1995

Cormac McCarthy also wins for Best Male Vocalist in 1995. One of the lighter moments of the show was when the winner, Cormac, accepted his award "live-via-satellite" from Pontiac, Norway. Presented by Louise Rodgers. Concert produced and MC'd by Al Peach Pechulis.

Cliff Eberhardt, Lucy Kaplansky and Kristina Olsen joined up in Alaska with Cormac when the days were long and the Midnight Sun Songwriters Camp was in session. Now, they all help each other out when a recording session is in the works.

Several outstanding musicians are also friends and neighbors: Billy Conway, Kent Allyn, and Bruce Derr, Dave Gerard and Truffle among many others.

There are too many great musicians and generous friends to mention, so there are many included in the discography for Cormac's CDs.


Seacoast Guitar Society includes musicians and music in the Seacoast area where Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts converge on Portsmouth. Harvey Reid, who founded the site, contributes to keeping music an open exchange of technique, expertise and respect.

Cormac has also shared his music at wide range of benefit concerts and supports Acoustic for Autism efforts nationally as a recording artist.

Acoustic for Autism Logo

Cormac and Sammie also involve themselves in local arts and music events.

a friend of mine, now long gone...

Bill Morrissey, novelist, singer, songwriter and musican, collaborated with Cormac on some special songs. Bill and Cormac began working on songs together while still in college. Cormac recalled, "We could always call the other guy and get a pep talk. We had shared interests, and he always got my jokes."


Two dozen of Bill's friends gave a tribute concert for Bill after his death in 2011. Various artists -- John Gorka, Shawn Colvin, Patty Larkin, Cormac, Cliff Eberhardt, Mark Erelli, Anais Mitchell, Fred Koller, Peter Case, P. Keane, P. Nelson, Barry Crimmins, David Johanssen, and David Dye headlined the show. Other friends filled the theatre. The funny stories and sadder songs were closed out with an unpracticed but enthusiast rendition of Bill's song, I'll be Long Gone. (Cormac, third from left, on harmonica.)

One wit quipped that Long Gone was the only cheerful song that Bill wrote: that is not really true. Cormac and Bill co-wrote Marigold Hall, which Cormac recorded and performs.

Marigold Hall

Bill will be greatly missed by his friends and his fans.